Restarting dancing following Covid 19

Wednesday evenings are continuing as previously. Hand sanitiser is available. We look forward to seeing any members who have not yet returned.

If any beginners wish to try Scottish Country Dancing please make contact with us in advance using the contact number given below.

We are a group of Scottish Country Dance enthusiasts, some Scottish, some not, who meet every Wednesday evening to dance. Some of us have been dancing most of our lives; others are new to it. All of us enjoy the opportunity to meet, socialise, learn new dances and dance the familiar ones. Our dances are walked through first, often more than once, to refresh our memories and give newer members a chance to learn them. We are a friendly group and, although we always try to dance our best, we have fun as well and don't take it too seriously.

We recently introduced the idea of "core dances" in which members who wish to do so are invited to dance a single dance per evening without a walkthrough. The aim is to provide an opportunity to learn some dances especially well. Since dancing re-started following Covid, core dances had been suspended but we now have a programme available which covers the period from January - June 2022.

Core dance programme
Minicrib for core dances

Experienced dancers visiting the area are always welcome to join in. Complete beginners are welcome but, as we recognise that Scottish country dancing is not easy to begin with, we would ask those who would like to give it a try to make contact with us first so that we can arrange a suitable introduction and integration. If you are a beginner and would like to give Scottish Country Dancing a try please contact Sandra on 01823 433068.

We generally hold two dances during the year, one in the summer and one in November. Our next dance will be on Saturday 25th June at Barrington Village Hall.

June 2022 Dance Programme | Minicrib

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